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Learning Module 5
Block 5
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Block 5 - Blockchain

Web3 may still seem quite abstract and conceptual, and since this new generation of the internet is still in its infancy stage it is hard to predict what the future holds. Despite this, it is important to stay optimistic. Blockchain is gaining ground as a technology with a lot of potentials and is already being adopted by multiple industries. In this final module, we will now explore some real-world use cases of this technology to hopefully make it feel less abstract.

As of now, one of the main real-world use cases of blockchain technology is for cryptocurrencies and the financial industry. You might already be familiar with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin which essentially are digital currencies designed to work through a secure network of computers cutting transaction costs and time, making it highly efficient compared to the traditional financial sector. Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain is also being used in supply chain management systems in order to track production and manufacturing cycles to increase consumer trust. Other use cases and applications of it include voting, real estate, and healthcare just to mention a few.


Don’t worry if you didn’t understand all of the things we've just gone through. Some of these concepts are highly complex and Web3 is still in the making, which is why we hope this game encourages you to go out and learn more and partake in change. The next part of this game is to have meaningful conversations about change and imagine the future of Web3. Once you have finished the learning module questions and determined your score, ask the questions that respond to your score category. Good luck!

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