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Learning Module 1
Block 1
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Block 1 - Web3 basics

Web3 Wonders is a futuristic learning adventure to understand and unpack what Web3 is and potentially could be. You have currently entered the year of 2030 and Web3 and blockchain technology have infiltrated our lives. Each learning block in front of you is a series of missions to learn about different concepts and mechanisms of this decentralized world. At the end of the module, you’ll need to choose the correct keyword from a list of options in order to advance and add the block to the chain network. Remember that this is a group learning activity. In order to maintain order and avoid chaos in the chain network, you all have to collectively agree and come to a conclusion about the keyword you just learned about.

Let’s get into it:
Web3 is the new generation of the internet. It is often referred to as the decentralized web using technologies like blockchain in order to build a more secure, transparent, and controlled system. This means that in an ideal Web3 world, users will have ownership and control over how their data is being used, stored, and shared across the internet instead of relying on centralized intermediaries like banks or social media companies. Web3 empowers users to interact directly with each other in what is known as a peer-to-peer network. These networks are secure, transparent and verify and record all changes that happen. Since the decision-making power is distributed across the network, users maintain control over their own data and decentralization means that no central authority has too much control.

Before you proceed, come to an agreement and select what this module was about:
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